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Introducing BioStamp nPoint®

Making Virtual Clinical Trials a Reality

  • Soft, Flexible, Conformal
  • Wireless, Waterproof
  • Multi-modal
  • Cloud based
  • Vital Signs
  • Activity, Postural, Sleep Metric
  • eCOA capable
  • FDA 510(k) cleared

Optimized for in-home use, BioStamp nPoint® simplifies and consolidates the process of collecting clinical trial data and assessments.

MC10’s proprietary BioStamp® wearable health technology creates comfortable, discreet sensors that can be applied anywhere on the body for targeted data collection. The wearable sensors are wireless and rechargeable via the included Link Hub. A dedicated mobile phone plus Link Application guides users through sensor application, prescribed activities and eCOA.

Flexibility Beyond The Sensor

  • Multiple wear locations
  • Configurable sampling rate/dynamic range
  • Synchronized multi-sensor data stream
  • Processed metrics and raw data
  • Versatile eCOA editor

Muscle Region placement

With location-specific sensing capabilities, BioStamp sensors are able to retrieve real-world data about muscle activity. Fully integrated hydrogel adhesives enable high fidelity sEMG.


BODY REGION placement

Adhered to the skin with medical-grade adhesive, BioStamp sensors are supported by 25 validated wear locations on the body (hand and foot not shown). Multiple sensors can be worn together to provide more detailed clinical trial information.


Delivering Actionable Insights Through Biometrics

Algorithmic interpretation of raw physiologic data deliver actionable insights on individual and cohort activities


Assesses sleep parameters including onset, wakefulness, duration and posture transitions.



Monitors body position including laying down, sitting, standing or leaning.



Classifies walking, step count and cadence of subjects.


Vital Signs

Monitors HR, HRV (in both time and frequency domains) and respiration during sleep.


Wearable Sensor System Designed for In-Home and In-Clinic Study Execution

Investigator Portal

Web-client for researchers to design and configure their study, enroll subjects, monitor trial progress and view / extract raw data and processed metrics.

Investigator App

Researcher-facing tablet app used for assigning sensors to subjects and viewing live streaming data in clinic environments.

Link App

Subject-facing smartphone app to guide study subjects through sensor application, study activities, eCOA execution and enable communication with the research team.

Link Hub

In-home charging and data syncing station for BioStamp Sensors and phone.

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